Lyngdorf 3400 flexibility vs 1120

  • The 1120 might meet my needs today. The 3400 has more power and flexibility to adapt future needs

To own for the long term. It might make more sense to pony up the extra money?

I owned high resolution gear certainly 25 years ago.

I sold my home with a large treated long term listening room. I am renting and will move again. Today dynaudio special 40 or evoke 20 are my likely speaker of choice.

I have a strong desire to fully jump into the digital age.

These stand mounts long term may become a second system or may end up as the primary with subwoofer(s) in the future.

Apartment living means headphones are important. I also cannot regularly listen at higher volumes. 

Lyngdirf 1120 will be a royal pain to use with both subwoofer(s) and a decent headphone Amp. Only one set of rca's out. Headphone should not include room perfect.


Would lyngdorf owners share their experience as real home demos are difficult. 

I have questions like:

1120: headphone and subwoofer; line splitter and changing the room perfect configuration. Is there a practical easy solution.tobuse both subs and headphone and be able to switch back and forth easily?

3400  quality of the headphone amp/output.    Is the option analog in a worthwhile up grade for lp"s or a future dac upgrade years fromr now.

Is the upgrade easy to obtain in the future?


I am a bit lost going back and forth. I tried calling Denmark for help

I only found one usa dealer who would make  any real effort to offer guidance.

In Miami. the dealers install complex upper end home systems and have no demos and have no interest in two channel.


Please comment and help me figure out what to do. I am leaning towards the 3400.

Bob in Miami 

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@bob52r I am a Lyngdorf fan.  I own a 2170 which has made my living room system more than adequate in a room with miserable acoustics.  I've helped 2 of my children assemble 2170 based systems in rooms that are less than ideal.  The 2170, and I presume the 3400 as well, can be an ideal solution where one is not able to utilize extensive room treatments.

In your case, I might well go in a different direction and assemble the best headphone system I can, unless your stay in an apartment will be very short term and you are pretty certain about what kind of music room you will have long term.   

If that won't work for you, then going with one of the Lyngdorf integrateds with Room Perfect might make sense.  I cant comment on the quality of the headphone out. but I will tell you that if you want to build any kind of decent vinyl system, you will need a separate phono preamp if the one that is in the 2170 is any indication.  The one in all three 2170's I've had access to is unacceptable. 

I think the genius of the Lyngdorf is in its ability to take a digital in signal, by USB or coax, and keep the signal in the digital domain until it is output to the speakers.  

Dealer support being what it is (or isn't) you might want to buy a used one and try it.  If it doesn't work for you you can resell it without taking a bath.  

I have a 2170 and am thinking about a 3400.  The increased power would be great to drive my Maggie 3.7i speakers. I currently use a Parasound A21 power amp fed from the analog output of the 2170.  I also use a SWARM DBA sub system.  The 2170 feeds a DAC via the digital output.  The DAC feeds the SWARM amp.  This works very well as the 2170 has only one analog output.  If the A21 was in the same rack as the 2170 and SWARM amp I could feed the SWARM amp with a looping output from A21.  

My suggestion is to purchase the 3400.  You could drive the speakers with the 3400 and drive a quality headphone amp with one of the analog outputs if you don't like the 3400 headphone amp.  If I am correct you can use the BYPASS mode to listen without RoomPerfect while using headphones  Use an outboard phono stage, not the one in the 3400.

I agree customer support is difficult to receive.  I have been contacting Anders Borbye at  Anders is very helpful but I receive his answers 12 hours or so after I send the email, longer on week-ends.  He is in Denmark.  That is frustrating.  I also live in FL and have contacted dealers but there seems to be no desire to help someone who is not a customer.

I own a TDAI3400 and have a friend with one , you are getting very good advice on this thread so far.

There is excellent UK dealer and owners support on 

It's such a shame that the dealer network in the US is nothing like the UK as home demos were offered here widely and room perfect is truly awesome in what it can do. 


Thanks for your thoughtful responses.

2171 is discontinued? No more software updates?

Dac is old technology? Significant?

2171 can run subs rca out & headphones

Digital coax out to dac and head phone amp combo eg

Chord hugo2 is a very good piece used under us$1800.

Would a 2171 make sense for $3k + $1800

Vsv$7000. for 3400 which I not seen used.