Lyngdorf RP-1

I needed a crossover between my Joseph Pulsars and my two Genesis/Underwood subs. After a trial, I've ended up with the Lyngdorf RP-1, which provides both a highly flexible digital crossover and RoomPerfect. The latter is a true revelation. I've been in this hobby for over 40 years now, and I'll categorically state that no change/addition - perhaps apart from a major speaker upgrade - has made such a positive difference as has the RP-1. In addition to smoothing out room modes, RoomPerfect is quite clearly having an effect far up into the midrange, and in unexpected ways. Soundstage focus is significantly improved, and I can assure you that the Pulsars are no slouches in this regard to begin with. More than anything, though, is the extremely strong sense of 'solidity' of every instrument and voice. I have a hard time putting this into words, but effectively it simply all sounds more real, more 'there'. I am currently enjoying the best sound reproduction experience I've had in my home, and it's within a hair of the best I've ever heard regardless of cost and complexity. This thing is worth every penny and more.

I am in no way associated with Lyngdorf. Just passing along the very positive experience.
I had a similar experience. Although my room was not too bad, it did balance the soundstage in areas I had no idea there were a issues in.

In the end I did feel it EQ'd a tad too much bottom end out of my system at the time. The software version I had didn't let you tweak this. I think since then the software has been updated to ease that curve.

I also tried the integrated amp version but it did sound a bit sterile & lifeless.
Historically I've been analog, tubes and dynamic speakers. Oracle/Graham/Graham to ARC LS25 to ARC VT130 SE to Merlin VSM or Verity Parsifal. Then, a combination of a touch screen music server and a new home with a difficult music room began my trip to the dark side: digital sources + room corrected subwoofers.

Until recently, my ARC LS25 + Benchmark DAC-1 + NHT X-2 + Velodyne SMS-1 provided analog x-over and Room EQ for the subs only (where the impact is, IMHO, most dramatic). I got very, very good sound from this system. OTOH, this set-up is a 4 box kludge and I wanted to streamline. I recently subbed in an Onkyo PR-SC5508 with Audyssey xt32 for the 4 components listed above.

I now have full-range room EQ with digital x-over from my Maggies or Ohms to my 2 Rythmik subs. While the Audyssey XT32 room EQ system differs fairly significantly from Lyngdorf RP, it has been fantastic. I'm a full-on believer now, and highly doubt that I'll ever use a main system without digital crossovers, subwoofers, and room EQ again.

Martykl - actually, Audyssey is what inspired me to give the Lyngdorf a try in the first place. I had noted how much better my HT setup (NAD amp) was sounding with Audyssey running.

You're correct, the most dramatic impact is with the subs. I was, however, more than a little surprised at the improvements farther up.
good room correction is tough to beat - often the biggest improvement you can make in a system. Many people are completely blind to the types of improvements that can be had with it. Changing cables and electronics withut doing room correction, is like chasing mice when an elephant is running around.
I've been bi-amping various planar speakers, with a pair of 8ft, tapered transmission line, 10" woofers, since 1981(SS bottom/tubed top). Most of that time, crossed via a highly modded Dahlquist DQ-LP1. That was fine, until my expensive divorce, and present acoustic nightmare of a listening environment. About 8yrs ago, I(previously a devout straight-wire-with-gain devotee, and digital eschewer), discovered the TacT RCS 2.2XXX(same heritage as Lyngdorf), and(with some discrete mods) would now find it impossible to turn back.