lyngdorff 3400

any owners out there? i’m considering for my system driving sonus faber sonnetto viii’s given room control as the room set up is not ideal. 




I would like to hear the M33 as well. I like in theory the Lyngdorf method of basically being a powered DAC though. 0 hiss through speakers at any volume and the sound character does not change from a whisper to 100db. It also does not sound like any class D I’ve ever owned. It’s very smooth. Does not sound like tunes and does not sound like solid state. Other thing is the room correction. Maybe the Dirac is great, I’ve never tried it. I did have a Micromega M100 with room correction and it was a complete POS although the amp on its own sounded kinda nice. 

one thing is I don’t see refurbed Lyngdorf units for sale. Maybe that’s a sales model or maybe they don’t sell as many. NAD historically does not have the best reliability ratings from what I’ve read. I did have a slightly fading screen with my 2170. Sent it in they paid shipping both ways to Denmark and shipped it back within 2 weeks. 

I considered this when I was looking. Went in another (better, IMO) direction.

which was ?

You beat me to it, but then again it is secretguy so we may never know. 

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