Lyra Delos A truth teller or what?

My experience with the Lyra Delos has been good and to put it the best way too revealing?  So far my original vinyl sounds incredible, especially stuff from the Golden age of stereo.  Amazing to say the least.  However, newly remastered stuff sounds extremely overdone and in some cases unlistenable and I am talking about a lot of Classic reissues.  Is this just the way it will be or will this cartridge still relax a little as I only have roughly 50 hours or so on it?
Delos is tipped up in HF, no two ways about it. Benz is tipped down. The relatively less voiced carts are typically Ortofon, Shelter and EMT to name a few. A shelter 901 mk2, EMT TSD-15 Sfl or Ortofon Cadenza Blue are all very good carts without much voicing. 
I'm not a big fan of the Delos (despite being a fan of JCarr, and higher up Lyra's when in the right systems) and tend to agree with some of the comments vis a vis it's tonal tilt, but will ask if you're pretty certain it's dialed in, optimally loaded? How do you find the bass / lower mid-range weight? Just curious...
It really depends. Lyra cartridges certainly are truth tellers.

Great recordings will sound great, bad invariably will sound bad unless the rest of your system is appropriately voiced and full range.

If your system is slightly lean or you use small two way speakers that don’t really go low in the bass frequencies, Lyra will not be for you.

If you have a neutral or slightly warm system and want more detail, Lyra will probably be a revelation.

J Carr has voiced the Delos to have a slightly bright top end to match more warm systems that need some detail.

I own the Delos, Etna SL and Atlas SL and have owned the Kleos and Atlas over the last 7 years so they have many hours on them. All Lyra carts are good for at least 2500-3000 hours if looked after.

Personally I could not think of a worse sounding cartridge than a rolled off Benz - but some like that sound.

choice your poison and enjoy.
I can only go by what I am told as my friend has had a Delos and it sounds fantastic in his system.  He said it takes a while for the Lyra to settle in.   The dealer said the same thing.  One thing I know is it is definitely not rolled off thats for sure.  Older recordings on six eye, living stereo, Mercurys, Londons do not sound bright at all.  They sound amazing to say the least.  They sound spooky real through the Delos.  I still think it will settle in somewhat but after 50 hours I think I am clearly starting to hear the personality of this cartridge on my system.  If I had a collection of primarily newer releases, the Delos would not be my first choice.  I may look into some of the more neutral cartridges mentioned in this thread.
The bass is fine.  It was not originally.  The lower midrange is still not there.  Hoping it gets a little better. I am loading at 100 ohms.  Had it at 91 at first but it did not sound right.  100 seems like a good starting point