Lyra Delos 'belly cover'

For a lack of a better description or name the 'U' shaped piece of material? / plastic? on the underside of my Lyra Delos cartridge is starting to fray. This cover is behind the boron whisker cantilever and covers the area where the 4 wires pass from the cart to the tonearm connector interface. So, the question is....I am debating removing this cover because it is starting to drag on my LP's. (other nude cartridges don't utilize the 'belly cover'.) Bad idea? Any thoughts on how to proceed in its removal? Thank You in Advance!!
Don't. It will void the warranty of the cartridge. If yours is riding low, send it back to Lyra and they can adjust it.
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Thank you for your replies. I have sent an email to the Lyra web site on record. Hopefully I will receive an answer and will post their reply accordingly. (I'm sure I am not the only one with this question or issue).