Have had a Lyra Delos Cartridge for the last month and have any of you goners noticed a elevated treble, shrill thin bright sound from this Cartridge? I wish I had my HANA ML back. This Lyra sounds horrible!!!
It seems like jeffvegas might need an additional "s" on the end of his name.
It IS possible that Jeff has been out in the Las Vegas heat for far too long, thus frying his brain and making him cranky.  Jeff, apologize to Atmasphere.  He is too good for you, and you don't know what you are talking about if you criticize his amplifiers based on bandwidth and bass response, provided the speaker is a good match. Beyond that, you don't know anything about tube electronics if you don't know the potential bandwidth of a properly set up triode.  Allen Wright was able to measure a bandwidth out to 750kHz with his RTP3C tube preamplifier.  What limits the bandwidth of a typical transformer-coupled tube amplifier is the transformer, the absence of which is the core advantage of OTL amplifiers like those made by Atmasphere.
Also, I am extremely hard on Cartridges due to having a few beers and getting clumsy with the tonearm.

So I assume there is absolutely no way that your clumsiness with the tonearm could have rotated some Moving Coil armatures off their axis or other related damage.  Indeed, the problem must be the cart (rolling eyes).
I humbly request that no one bother responding to this guy's companion thread he just started. The first rule at the zoo is don't feed the animals. 
But will he come back to this thread and apologize to Mr. Carr for throwing a tantrum like a middle school girl....

I guess we'll see