Lyra Delos Owners 2024

Hello All - Possibly buying a new table with a Lyra Delos mounted w 40-60 hours on it....any thoughts ? I’m currently running a Hana ML.

my system :

VPI Prime Signature Rosewood

Allnic 1202 Phonostage

Harbeth 40.3XD




The Delos is the best sounding cartridge i have heard, handily beats the Ortofon Cadenza Blue I had before, cleaner, smoother, clearer and more dynamic.  

Shreds to bits the Soundsmith zephyr mimc star es and also better than the at ART9 series XA, XI.  

my end game cartridge and i am a demanding mofo.  

If I had to compromise I would go for the more capable tonearm and cartridge rather than the turntable. They can be shifted to a better turntable in the future if you find the old one not acceptable. I would like to stress that the goal with turntables, cartridges and tonearms is that they should have no sound of their own. They should broadcast what is in the groove at the exact right and stable speed w/o any distortion. It always bothers me when someone quips that his turntable sounds warm, dynamic, with great timing, yada yada yada. Music has timing, turntables do not or are not supposed to. Any timing other than what the music calls for is distortion.

You will not be disappointed with the Lyra.  I've had mine for 10 years now and still loving it!!