Lyra Delos

I currently have a VPI Classic with a Benz Glider S and all Manley electronics- Chinook Phono, Jumbo Shrimp Pre and Snapper Monos. I am really enjoying this system, but sometimems find myslef looking for a little more detail and treble extension and a little tighter on the bottom end. From what I have been reading, the Lyra Delos might give me what I am looking for; has anyone ever compared these two cartridges? Are there any other cartridges I should also consider in the Delos price range?
Thanks for the feedback from all; I decided to go ahead and purchase the Delos; I will post my impressions after I have some hours on it and provide some comparison to the Benz Glider S.
Without any kind of doubt Delos is a much better mc cartridge against Glider.
New Lyras have same analytic sonic character as old one (eg Helikon) BUT from the warmth side.
Anyway imho Glider sound is only good in mids (very good), the far from mids the worst sound
A question on the piece of "Japanese paper(?)" under the Lyra cartridge. What is it for?

When my Lyra Delos was new, the paper had about 1mm clearance from the record surface. But now the paper is riding very close, almost touching the record surface and it is fraying a bit.

Is this of any concern? Thanks
The paper's purpose is to keep dirt and grunge out of the coils. Check your VTF, if it is too high, lower the VTF. If you are still in the allotted range, then it sounds like your suspension may be breaking down. It could be time for a re-build. How old is the cartridge, how many hours?