Lyra Etna SL vs. Transfiguration Proteus + Koetsu Urushi

I had an unfortunate incident and accidentally broke off the cantilever of my "My Sonic Lab Ultra Eminent Bc" which had barely 50 hours on it (long story). It was a terrific all a a-rounder and my back up Benz LPS is already getting long in the tooth so I guess it's time for  a new cart or carts.

I have read many reviews on the Lyra Etna SL and searched most forums and  almost all of them had rave reviews. Though I have not heard this cart personally nor any Lyra cart for that matter. What is holding me back is the price. It is difficult to purchase a cart ( or any piece of audio for that matter ) without a home demo. In this case, it will be a blind buy. As an example, the Ortofon A90, it had rave reviews and a lot of people love it. I didn't hate it but it wasn't my cup of tea. Now,  If I love the Etna SL  than great ( at this price range "like" is not enough ), if not I'm dead to rights with a very expensive cart. 

On the other hand, I have heard the Proteus and was absolutely impressed and I also have heard most Koetsu's which is definitely pure magic in the midrange. Though the different colors in the Urushi line still bewilders me. I was initially intrigued by the Coralstone but I didn't feel it would be a good all a-arounder for that price.

So, would you get the better more expensive cart ( I am assuming based on price alone ) or the musical flexibility of two carts with polar opposite characteristics? The price of the Lyra SL is almost similar to the Proteus plus Urushi added together. Your thoughts appreciated.

P.S. I have an extra armwand for my Graham so no need to get an extra tonearm.
P.P.S My system is in the virtual systems ( sorry, don't know how to attach it/link it here)
Certainly not a fair comparison price wise between the PC-1 Supreme, and the Benz LP-S. I liked the Ruby 3, but in my system, it didn't compare to Koetsu RSP.  Here again (at the time) the RSP was $2,000 more than the Ruby. I hate to cloud matters, but I've heard the EMT Jsd-75A easily beats it's lower priced stable mate, Tsd-15. If that's true, I bet it's one heck of a cartridge. I feel the Tsd-15 is a real overachiever at less than $2K. 

I had and really liked my Koetsu RSP, until I brought in both the Benz Gullwing and LPS. I preferred both of the Benz cartridges at a lower cost over the Koetsu.

Between the two Benz's they were in my system for over 5 years total.  IMO to get a cartridge with a similar but better , not just different sound, It's going to cost $$$.   It's hard not to compare the LPS to costly cartridges if your wanting to improve on what it does.

Nice choice with the Lyra Etna SL - you will be hard pressed not to really like or love it - make sure you do give it at least 50 hours of play.

Depending on the cost, I would look at getting a rebuild of your MSL to have as alternative. You can then retire the Benz :-)

Atlas SL goes up a notch or two from the Etna SL imo as long as your phono stage can handle the lower output..

I had and really liked my Koetsu RSP, until I brought in both the Benz Gullwing and LPS. I preferred both of the Benz cartridges at a lower cost over the Koetsu.

Sorry to go OT, but Tom I'd like to hear how the Gullwing and LP-S were similar / different / how you felt about each.

My other cartridge, the MSL Ultra Eminent Bc is at Soundsmith as I accidentally bent the canitilever and the Transfiguration Proteus I recently purchased is back at the dealer's pending replacement due to a factory defect.   In the meantime, I have a Koetsu Blue Lace and MSL Signature Gold on home demo.

I just noticed from another thread that you mentioned demoing the MSL Signature Gold. I am curious on how it compares to the MSL Ultra Eminent BC - there are not many comparisons available. Also how do you feel the MSL compares to the Proteus and Koetsu?