Lyra Helikon SL Opinions?

I have a Well Tempered Table and arm and am wondering if this is a good match? I was thinking about a new table but my budget will not permit at the moment as I am also forced to get a pre-pre amp as well. I'm thinking Tom Evans for the pre-pre and a Lyra Helikon SL for the cartridge. Thanks in advance.

'better' is always difficult. Depends what is 'better' for you or for me (for example).
Everyone has own 'priorities'. I listened to the Titan i and I was impressed from the Detail, but from the Musical Illusion (--> the 'Being there') it is simply not my cup of Tea.
The Skala is in THIS Area the better one, no doubt (for me).
Leica man,

First of all you should be spending money on an M8 and lenses, rather than this audio junk.... (Okay I'm kidding, I'd love an M8 but just ordered a whole new front end, as you will read)

I also presently own the WTT and arm. It has served me well for many years, and recently ordered (but haven't yet received) a Raven One, Phantom arm, stealth hyperphono cable, and Tron Seven phono pre. Now you understand why I am taking pictures with a cellphone and not an M8.

I am hoping that the new table/arm/cable combo yeilds a massive upgrade in sound quality and enjoyment, or I will feel like a complete fool. Feel free to contact me in a month or so to see if the upgrade was worth it (if not I may not be reading emails from the outside of my window ledge)

That being said, I always felt that the WTT arm, as good as it is, can't be set up perfectly. I think the floating design prevent me anyway from really getting a perfect alignment (which probably few can accomplish anyway, regardless of arm).

This is the main reason why my choice of cart was the Sumiko Celebration. Thier design goal was to allow excellent sound despite lack of perfect setup.

You may want to look into that cart, especially if you are going to live with the WTT for a while. The other nice thing about the Celebration is the price point. It was made to compete with carts twice the price.
I used a Lyra Helikon in a Hadcock GH228 Unipivot for 2 years and was very happy compared to my previous Clearaudio Insider Gold.
I then switched to the Lyra Titan i and was disappointed.
Whilst the detail was there, the bass was not as good but worse still....there was simply no 'soul' or emotion.
Within 4 weeks I had the ZYX Universe which simply blew away every cartridge I have ever heard.
For the first time ever with the ZYX.......analysing the properties of the cartridge is simply not relevant. The vinyl appears connected directly to the preamp.
Halcro, FWIW, I agree with you. I went from a Lyra Helikon to a ZYX UNIverse, and I'm very happy.
I haven't heard either the Titan i or the Skala though.
Between Thomas and your posts, it sounds like the Titan i isn't even worth trying out. I would like to hear a Skala, even though I'm sure it wouldn't surplant my UNIverse.

Believe me,the Titan-i is a fabulous cartridge!My friend,Sid Marks(of TAS/Mercury Living Presence fame)has one,and he would dump it in a second,if it did not bring out what he KNOWS is on all those CLASSIC LP'S!!Sorry,but something is amiss if it sounds anything less than superb.