Lyra Kleos SL

I found references to the Kleos SL on the Lyra website and several postings which seems to be a low output "special edition" model. Can someone please explain the sonic differences to the "normal" Kleos?
These days I am doing the break in period of a new Kleos SL.
I want to comment after microscopic evaluation the SRA is at 99 degrees or so and I low the bearing of the tonearm until the lowest level available for the cartridge (be careful with the washi paper!) and I finally get around 96 degrees. I can't get now the 91to95 best value due to the bad initial adjustment of the cantilever cartridge. :-(
Talking about azimuth calibration I use Fozgometer and matched both channels in this 96 degrees position, in the 99 degrees position it was simply impossible, too far one from the other.
I hope after break in period cantilever will low until 94-95 degrees to avoid any kind of intermodulation distortions.
Jcarr, please. Your comments would be really useful here.
Two more inputs:
1- fozgometer is fully calibrated
2- 99 degrees value was taken at the same tonearm bearing height of the platter in his middle position.
How are you measuring SRA? The way most people do it (by eyeballing a magnified photo), there is a large margin for error.
When you say you "matched both channels" using the Foz with SRA = 96 degrees, what exactly do you mean?  Did you match them for crosstalk or output? 
I use a digital microscope with angle calibration.
I match bith levels as usual, to get same signal indication from both channels.
today I increase VTF from 1.75g to 1.90 and got 94,5degrees of SRA. Imho better sound, but now I am out of recommended VTF value