Lyra Kleos vs Koetsu Urushi

Does anyone have any experience comparing a Lyra Kleos against a Koetsu Urushi Tsugaru, Wajima,Blue or Gold?
I am looking for a slightly higher output MC and these three are on my radar.I have heard the Kleos, but none of the Koetsu's. Or, is it better to step up to the Koetsu RSP? I like this cartridge, BUT I'm not sure if it has enough output with the platinum magnets. I need at least 0.3mv of output for my phono stage.
I auditioned Lyra quite a while ago; I've been using Koetsu Urushi Tsugaru since a few years, on an LP12 with Well Tempered arm. I remember the Lyra was impressive but it doesn't have the stunning midrange magic of the Koetsu.
No experience with that Lyra (still have an old Clavis in a second system) but run an Urushi in my main system and have never felt the need to look any further!
I've had exactly the carts you asking about.
Lyra Kleos and Koetsu Urushi Blue.
They are difficult to compare directly, since they need different SUTs and tonearm.
supposedly, Koetsu needs a heavier arm, then Lyra, due to lower compliance.
but from what I gather, I always had a feeling, that Lyra has more "energy" in the treble, that serves some recordings better, than the others.
Koetsu is more balanced and has somewhat more body and bass foundation.
The highs are NOT rolled-off in the least, and it's very musical.
overall, I've found Koetsu more to my taste.
A lot of myths about Koetsu, like " it's soft, polite, rolled off and has loose bass" are simply not true, and are likely a result of incorrect pairing with both tonearm and SUT.
I agree with Maril on the sound qualities of the Urushi. I think all Koetsu's get lumped with the original Rosewood, which perhaps does/did have those shortcomings in the extreme bass and extreme treble registers.  The Urushi does not, and neither do any of the few higher end Koetsu cartridges I have heard.
Lewm I have long thought what you posted...since I have not heard most of the Koetsu range, I was never sure of the sound. I recently heard a new Rosewood Signature..and i thought it was a good cart but certainly not at the level of some of the other new designs from Lyra, My Sonic or Air Tight....But then I have not heard the other contenders in the Koetsu line. I sure hope that what you say is correct. It would make sense.