M&K Owners Best amp for S-1C or S-125 $2000+/-

I'm a dedicated M&K fan. My system is Lexicon DC-1, Toshiba SD-9200 DVD, Tice power cond., M&K S-1c (front), S-125 (surrounds & center) and two MX-150THX subs.

I've used Rotel (sounds good), Acurus (ok), Earthquake Cinenova Grande(sounds terrible with M&K). Want something nice (two or three channel solid state) for the few times I want to really listen to music. I listen to stuff like Dave Matthews, Allman Bros., blues based rock, etc.

Considering maybe: B&K Ref.3220, Parasound HCA-2003, Ati 1502/1505, Outlaw Audio? Anyone who owns M&K, it would be interesting to hear what amp sounds good in your system? Thanks....Jeff
I have an M&k Volkswoofer 111 and has been used with my Luxman RX-103 it has been matched with a pair of Fourier 8 speakers. The sound is crisp and powerful. I do have a question for you though. I am from the NY area and need my M&K Volskwoofer fixed. After moving thing around I have lost power to the Volkswoofer and unfortunatly it happend befor my eyes.
I'm curious if you found the right amp. I have a nearly identical M&K set-up (the only difference being the subs) and have been thinking about upgrading from a HT receiver to amp/pre-amp separates.

I had been thinking about the Cinenova, but since reading your post I'm thinking twice. What didn't you like about this amp? I'm also considering Outlaw, Anthem & Bryston. I've heard Earthquatke, Anthem (MCA50) and Bryston (at local retailer) but considering your experience with the Earthquake, worry that the other two may not sound as sweet with my speakers.

I use my system about 65/35 HT/music. My musical tastes run close to yours, so I'm really interested if you found the magic amp. (My tastes run towards warm sounding vs. bright.)


I have an M&K S-150 system where I added a pair of S-85s in the rear to make a 7.1 system. Based on postings from others, and a specific recommendation from my dealer, I am close to purchasing the Sherbourn 7 channel amp. Supposedly, it is neutral in character and does not accentuate any brightness in the M&Ks.

I am running a cinenova grande with my S-250's and it sounds great. I also had an ada ptm-6150, cinepro 3k6, and other pro audio equipment. They all did sound good but the cinenova was the best. I don't know what type of sound you are looking for but the 250's are one of M&k's best passive speaker.
My brother has the M&K 750THX surround with the V-1250 sub and uses the Denon 3803 for processing and the Sherwood Newcastle
AM-9080 five channel power amp. Extremely satisfied with the sound.