MA2275 preamp section against other $4000 preamps?

Preamps to compare against (stuff in $2-3000 range):

Dehavilland Ultraverve 2 (curently resides in my system)
VTL 5.5
Joule Electra LA150 MKII
Aethetix Calypso
VAC preamp in this price range (I like their stuff)
Any others?

I am considering purchase of a MA2275 in my effort to "downsize". A seller locally has one fairly cheap. The amp section I have heard and is very nice, but I don't know about the preamp: it is basically a C2200, from what I understand. Assuming I can get some NOS tubes, what can I expect? My other option is to get the MC275 amp and a different pre. Speakers are Tyler Linbrook Sig series. I want a full, yet not overly tubey sound. The MA2275 caught my eye as a particularly good value that I can re-sell in a couple of years, when I get back into separates after I get the upgrade bug again ;-) Last preamp was the Herron VTSP 1a/166 and I loved the neutral, yet full sound, and would like to go that direction, but with a little more transparency in a slightly more current model. Also, something that tube rolling is useful in.
I have a Modwright I am selling for $1675 that you may like. I understand the Joule preamp is similiar in design to the Modwright but more pricey. I read that on a review somewhere.
I think the direction you want to go in may be a downgrade - not sure, but the preamps you list all have different flavors, but probably aren't much better than what you already have. You may want to try a VAC integrated. Hope this helps!
Audio Horizons TP 2.0n line stage or the more recent 2.1n premium version beats them all.
I notice your current system includes a VTL 5.5. That is a preamp I used before moving to the Audio Horizons preamp. Judging by your description of the musical sound you prefer, I agree with Markwatkiss that the Audio Horizons preamp would be an excellent choice.
While delivering the round, harmonically rich sound that is characteristic of vacuum tubes, the Audio Horizons preamp is as quiet (spurious noise eliminated) as a solid state amp. Mine, for example, operates with an signal to noise ratio of > -110dB. The noise floor is vanishingly low. That allows detail and subtlety of the music to emerge.
Maybe I should go that route (AH 2.1n) and give it a shot.

How does the VTL compare to the AH 2.1n, which is the model I would be demoing? They are around the same price.

I was also thinking of a VAC integrated: I have read nothing but great things about the Avatar super.