MAC Book Pro Computer vs Aurender N100h vs Aurender N10 Music Servers

I am considering replacing my MAC Book Pro Computer with the Aurender N100h music server. The N100h has received great reviews, has quality construction, provides Tidal support and offers the convenience of using an iPad. My local dealer "highly recommends" I consider the Aurender N10 music server OVER the Aurender N100h server. He feels the N10 would sound much better than my current MAC Book Pro Commuter or the N100h. He said the N100h would only be marginal better than my MAC Book Pro. To be honest, I was really considering the N100h because of its sound quality, construction and my budget.

However, based on the reviews, etc., I am sure the Aurender N10 sounds great but it costs $8,000 (expensive). I found one N100h review that said “ ….Not one single combination of Mac Mini & peripheral devices has so far bested the sound of Aurender’s N100H; a digital audio streamer/server that comes pre-loaded with: 1) audiophile-approved 120Gb solid state hard drive (for cached playback); 2) custom 35 Watt linear power supply; 3) low noise USB output. Check one, check two, check three”.

This is probably not a fair comparison since the N10 cost is $8k and the N100h cost is $3k. What are your comments about replacing my MAC Book Pro Computer with either the N10 or the N100h? Has anyone replaced their MAC Book Pro with one of these Aurender servers?

And, yes, I plan on visiting my local store shortly to hear both the N10 and the N100h. My current MAC Book Pro computer is connected to my Bricasti M1 DAC connected to my Hypex NCore NC400 Bridged mono blocks class D power amplifiers and my Sonus Faber Olympic II Speakers.   The 4 NC400 power amplifiers (2 amps per side) were modified (4 R141 chips removed) to match to the volume control in the Bricasti M1 DAC (running DAC direct to amp, no pre-amplifier).   Thanks.

Correction to the above link:–-Bit-Perfect-Audibility...

If the above link does not work, please go to computeraudiophiile and look for it.  I am having trouble pasting the correct link.  

Or, google “BitPerfect digital output comparisons”.   
BIT-Perfect means that properly working equipment and set up should sound the same irrespective of the source of the file. This is a FACT. It is supposed to sound the same as that is the whole point of high-FIDELITY!

If it doesn’t sound identical then something is wrong with the equipment. It is as simple as that. Something that is perfectly the same as in “bit-perfect” MUST sound identical if equipment is excellent and working properly.

Of course there is a lot of bad equipment out there and identical files may not sound the same due to the poor way they are transmitted, decoded and converted.

So get things straight: The cause of identical files not sounding the same is BAD quality equipment (or firmware or software or incompatibilities)! 

Aurender Music Servers "supports Qobuz already.   However, Aurender JUST DISABLED it for countries not in service (USA).   You can use it once they support the USA.  The UI will be exactly same, and there will be slight different features which vary by service".

According to The Belgian Radio-Television of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation (RTBF), Qobuz, the French streaming and download service provider, will be offering their three-tier streaming service for residents of the US come 2018.   "We are present in nine European countries, we will open, Italy, Spain, Poland (...) and our other border is the United States, we will be in the spring," said Denis Thébaud to AFP.”

Have the Aurender N10 for 2 weeks now.burn in time 2 times 24 hours playing,and all other 12 days about 6-8 hours.
a/b compare to my Mac book pro, and absolute no quality  improvement. (Connected to Gryphon Diablo 300 with DAC).
@joannism,  If you prefer the MAC Book Pro over the Aurender N10, then you should keep the MAC and sell your Aurender N10. 

My experience is the opposite.   I used both and prefer the N10 for its excellent sound quality, ease of use and the Conductor App. I also compared the N10 using its USB vs. AES/EBU input connections and prefer the AES/EBU for a slightly better sound quality.  I also use its balanced outputs to my DAC.  Aurender constantly updates their application so new features are available.  Aurender customer support is also excellent, if needed. 

There could be other reasons in your system that make the MAC sound better.  I do not know and prefer not comment on cables used, environment and a host of other factors.  

Everyone is this hobby has a different opinion so I would not worry about it   I suggest you enjoy the music and forget about this comparison.