MAC Book Pro Computer vs Aurender N100h vs Aurender N10 Music Servers

I am considering replacing my MAC Book Pro Computer with the Aurender N100h music server. The N100h has received great reviews, has quality construction, provides Tidal support and offers the convenience of using an iPad. My local dealer "highly recommends" I consider the Aurender N10 music server OVER the Aurender N100h server. He feels the N10 would sound much better than my current MAC Book Pro Commuter or the N100h. He said the N100h would only be marginal better than my MAC Book Pro. To be honest, I was really considering the N100h because of its sound quality, construction and my budget.

However, based on the reviews, etc., I am sure the Aurender N10 sounds great but it costs $8,000 (expensive). I found one N100h review that said “ ….Not one single combination of Mac Mini & peripheral devices has so far bested the sound of Aurender’s N100H; a digital audio streamer/server that comes pre-loaded with: 1) audiophile-approved 120Gb solid state hard drive (for cached playback); 2) custom 35 Watt linear power supply; 3) low noise USB output. Check one, check two, check three”.

This is probably not a fair comparison since the N10 cost is $8k and the N100h cost is $3k. What are your comments about replacing my MAC Book Pro Computer with either the N10 or the N100h? Has anyone replaced their MAC Book Pro with one of these Aurender servers?

And, yes, I plan on visiting my local store shortly to hear both the N10 and the N100h. My current MAC Book Pro computer is connected to my Bricasti M1 DAC connected to my Hypex NCore NC400 Bridged mono blocks class D power amplifiers and my Sonus Faber Olympic II Speakers.   The 4 NC400 power amplifiers (2 amps per side) were modified (4 R141 chips removed) to match to the volume control in the Bricasti M1 DAC (running DAC direct to amp, no pre-amplifier).   Thanks.


Hallo hgeifman

I first order the n100c.but reading the forum that the N100 just gives a small improvement I cancelled the Order and go to the N10.Talking also to Aurenders Support about this 2 units,I got this response ( Thanks for your interest in Aurender. 
The N10 is less than three years old and there are no plans to change that model in the near future. That said, every Aurender gets better as it gets older due to regular improvements to software and firmware though internet delivered updates. 
As far as performance goes, the N10 is better than the N100C in every regard, low frequency extension, dynamics, sound staging and resolution. The most important aspect of the N10 is its suite of SPDIF digital outputs which when used, will greatly enhance performance of most high quality DACs especially if using the balanced AES/EBU protocol.) I than also order 2 cables 1.Wireworld platinum usb and the 2)Jorma AES/EBU (1000 Euro) cable. I was know hoping for the absolute music experience (room also treated with Gik acoustic panels).But comparing the Mac book via usb connected to my Gryphon and the Aurender N10 via the Jorma AES/EBU also to the Gryphon,I can so do an A/B comparing. With to family members (not audiophile ). I try so hard to self influence my self but I can’t even hear a small improvement,tha justify this price. One family member always liked the sound of the Mac ( blind compare).I send yesterday an e mail to Aurender if I’m making something wrong.

Response from Aurender. 
I’m sorry to learn you are not getting the full performance from the N10 expected. You said you have had it 2-1/2 weeks. Has it played at least 300 hours? All digital product benefit from a long break-in period. 
Secondly, have you tried any other cables besides the Wireworld? I would recommend you do so to see if the cable has any bearing. It would not surprise me if the difference you hear between the Mac and the N10 using USB is not as great a difference as when using AES/EBU. This is because USB is asynchronous meaning the clocking is done in the DAC. When using the N10 with one of the SPDIF outputs, the clocking is done within the N10. 
In the USA quite a few of our dealers are also Gryphon dealers and have sold the Aurender/Gryphon combo with great results. Most use AES/EBU if possible. That said, I have done comparisons on many high end systems with N10 vs. other source components where sometimes the differences are subtle, but on other DACs/systems, the difference is more significant. 
One other point I’d like to make is I think quick A/B comparisons can be misleading. I would recommend listening to one or the other source component for several days or weeks and then change. You will gain a better understanding of the differences that way. 
I am the Director for North America and can only offer support to dealers and customers in this region. If you need further assistance, please locate the distributor in your country, or contact
As I previously stated, my Aurender N10 Server has excellent sound quality and was a “substantial” improvement over my Mac Book Pro computer. 
I agree with the Aurender post, that you should switch cables and, if possible, use the AES/EBU connection from the N10 to your DAC. 
Is your sound quality issue with playing the albums stored on the N10 or with streaming from Tidal, Qobuz? If the poor sound quality Is from streaming, it is possible the issue could be with your hardware such as router, modem, etc. In addition, your cable strength might be out of range or some other downstream cable related component. 
You should also review the sound quality issue with your retailer and see what they say.
I use both usb Wireworld platinum and Jorma aes/ebu. (Wich by the way i think they sound different not better or worse.).
i don’t think my N10  have a quality issue.I just read all this positive reviews and had  a bigger expectation for the high price of the unit compare to the Mac book.I don’t know if I have to use better equipment than the Gryphon Diablo 300 with DAC  and the focal sopra 2 wich I have now ,to get better  results.