mac mini questions

From all the talk here i have decided to buy a mac mini . from older posts from 2010 people are saying to buy a 2009 model . Are the new 2012 models any good ? I would prefer to buy brand new. Of the two models BestBuy sell , one has 2gb of memory with a 500gb hard drive . The other has 4gb memory with a 500gb hard drive. $300 price difference . i have 2 dacs to try it with . Is the mac mini worth the $800 or so v.s. my Apple tv or gateway laptop ? thanks in advance for any pertinant info on this subject .
Get the 2gb and buy the memory seperate. It will save you $225 or so. I did.

Can't comment on the comparison as I only have the new version.
It is much more difficult to open up the 2009 mini so if you want to upgrade memory yourself, get the 2012 model.
The 2009 mini can be upgraded with SSD and memory in about 30 minutes. Piece of cake.

You can get the AC powered Mini, but it will not sound as good as the DC-powered, and to put upgraded DC power to it, you have to do extensive mods. Easy to do on the 2009.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
Does apple sell a dc powered unit ? Who does mods ? I recall talk of that in my research earlier .How much does it cost ?