Mac to DAC thats comparable to Linn CDP?

I have tried a few and they sound like crap compared to my old Linn Genki.

My wife has asked to set up a music server to get all the CDs out of the dining room.

I have a Dell Mini running OSX and itunes, USB out and also an external USB to SPDIF converter.

This is connected to a Linn Kolector and Aktiv bi-amped Ninkas with a 10" Sizmik subwoofer.

Compared to a CD in the Genki using lossless Apple format, the (inexpensive) USB DACs I have tried have a tiny sound stage, the bass is all fuzzy and the treble sounds like glass breaking inside my ear.

I searched up all these posts where people say this or that DAC sounds good with the computer, but do they mean 'good for a computer'?

My question is, can I get acceptable sound out of the computer or is this a lost cause? If I can get decent sound this way, what is my wallet looking at, and how can I figure out how to pick a DAC from the hundreds that are available.

Thanks for all the replies.

I am running OSX on my Dell Mini 9, which is connected to my Linn system. No Firewire or optical. The music is served off a Mac Mini in another room.

I see now that Linn made a DAC called the Numerik.

Off to do some more research! Thanks,
if you look into the MHDT DACs, you also might want to look into a USB converter of at least some sort. The MHDT DACs sound great, but they sound much better with a clean digital signal that is reclocked by a capable USB converter.

Examples are -
Bel Canto's 24/96 USB converter (usually go used for $300-400)
Empirical Audio's Turbo-2 or Turbo-3 (they can go anywhere from $400 - $800 used)
Sonicweld's new converter. This one just came out recently, not sure of the reviews on it and it's as pricey as empirical audio's stuff.

Full disclosure - I may end up listing my Turbo-3 and MHDT Havana in the upcoming weeks if I stick with the Isabellina. So please don't take my suggestions as a sales pitch.
I second the Linn DS. I use an Akurate DS and love it. For $2,000 you can get the entry level Sneaky DS. For $3,000 the Magik DS. The Magik DS is really good. I would guess much superior to the Genki.
Linn DS: I like this idea, but I've read the interfaces aren't good compared to, say the Transporter, and I believe it. With millions of tracks available through the box, I have to say the interface becomes more important than with a CD player.

Does anyone know if you can control a Linn DS from a IPhone/IPod touch like, for example, the Sonus box? I saw this at a friends house and was very impressed with the utility. I was very not impressed with the sound quality, although the owner was very satisfied.