Macbook Air to dac

Been reading all of the threads and shopping around for my first dac.  A mint Jolida Glass tube dac III came up locally at a good price so I jumped on it.   

Now to hook it up.  Unfortunately, have about a 20 ft run from my Macbook on my desk to my system.  Currently using a cheap cable from the headphone jack to my Rogue preamp.  Listening to Amazon music mostly.  Was going to just purchase a cheap 20ft USB A to B cable to get started with the Glass dac.  But, as usual, looking for best options.  Maybe go the streaming route in the future as I get some time to do the research.  For now, does anyone use a long USB from their computer?  

Yes, but....

A USB isolator might be needed. It doesnt’ have to be expensive.

The test is to try listening on battery power and with the Air plugged into the wall.  If you hear a difference, you need the isolator.

You need a short (1.5 meter) USB to the DAC for best sound quality.

Get a DAC with Balanced (XLR) output, and run a long XLR cable to your system.

Long RCA cables=poor sound quality IMO.

Does the Rouge have balanced input?
Thanks for the replies.  

Mahler, what cable are you using?

I will look into USB isolators.

No balanced inputs on the Rogue.