MacBook Pro streamer

I want to stream from my 2019 Macbook Pro connected to Ayon CD-35 via USB.
The problem I have, the Mac doesn't recognize the Ayon. I call apple but after a few setups, they can fix it. Is someone here who experience the same problem? Thank you.
If you haven't already done this, go to "System Preferences" under the apple symbol at the left end of the top menu bar on the Macbook. When that window opens click on "Sound" in the third row of icons and choose USB as the digital output choice.

Have you played with the "Audio MIDI Setup" control panel?  Do a command+spacebar to search for it.

If you getting it working, consider purchasing the "BitPerfect" app for $10.  Really made the USB sound out of my MBPs much better.

Then once you are ready for more, consider a step up to a Roon Nucleus or other server.  The sound was clearly better (lower noise floor) than two different MBPs+BitPerfect.  Install and run Roon on your MBP first to see if you like it and if it is worth the money to you.
While USB works well when using a dedicated streamer, it seems to work less well coming out of a computer.  USB tends to pick up a good amount of noise from the computer.

Before I moved on to dedicated streamers, I bought from Schiit Audio a USB>SPDIF converter and used that for input into my DAC. For about $120, it gave a noticeable improvement in sound quality for me, and it also solved some communication errors like you’re experiencing. As I recall, they also have a nice return policy.  

Good luck.