MacBook Pro streamer

I want to stream from my 2019 Macbook Pro connected to Ayon CD-35 via USB.
The problem I have, the Mac doesn't recognize the Ayon. I call apple but after a few setups, they can fix it. Is someone here who experience the same problem? Thank you.
Is all good. The USB port from Ayon is bad. Shame for such an expensive toy. I send it back to be repaired. I'll keep you posted. Thank you all for the inputs.

Paul here from USA Tube Audio - we received  Marians CD-35 today, tested the USB port and it works perfectly - We have never had a USB port on a CD-35 fail.

Operator Error

See Link below:

Best, Paul 18006761085 Ext 2
Thank you, Paul,
You're right. Streaming from a laptop is not a good choice.
I'll get a Roon or something else ASAP.
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