Machina Dynamica

Does anyone take the products that Machina Dynamica sells. There is a bell for sale here where you are supposed to ring it in different rooms throughout the house. What does that have to do with audio?
Coconut Audio recently offered to barter a pair of his high level cables for a working watch and some food.
Actually I think his alter ego is Narcissus. But he seems to be careful not to stare into the pool for too long. Hindsight is 20/20 after all. My goodness, could it be that Geoff is Dr. Smith's mentor?!!! I believe we've come full circle. Batten down the hatches; Poseidon is about to take us on a serious dive into the abyss!
Have any of you tried these Machina Dynamica "products"?

I haven't followed this thread too fully, but I always say the proof of the pudding is in the eating. You can theorise all day long but until someone has given it a go its all hot air isn't it?

Maybe I will give one a shot and report back. Then once and for all we can say if there is something in it or not. I am not a fan of all talk and no trousers.