Macintosh C 27 or something newer?

I've always loved the design of Macintosh equipment. I drool over them like a little boy in a toy store. So I’m wondering if I’m making the right decision or are their other options at the same price range that would be better.

The Amp I have right now has input 22K impedance.

  Ideally whatever preamp I get would have a nice phono stage. A tube preamp would be nice also. I know the C 27s are solid state.

I’ve read some good reviews about these and they seem to fit my criteria( except they are not tube). They also are a Macintosh.

Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you very much
I am McIntosh guy.
My first Mac was integrated MA5100, after a while I switched to separates with MC 2105 and C26 preamp, beautiful to say the least but I had to get rid of C26 because it had just too much hiss, I am talking about audible hiss that one can expected from analog LP's of 1960 era.
Anyway traded the C26 for a C28, this was a big improvement but the C28 developed a nasty problem where one channel would just fade way, the unit went back to the dealer many times, who had a large repair facility, they could not figure out what was causing this, after repairing several times the owner admitted that they just do not have a clue of what to do and suggested that I trade my C28 for the all new C29, that was over thirty years ago, I still have that C29, one of the best McIntosh preamps ever.
Currently I am using a C15 as my main preamp, both C29 and C15 are simpler Mac preamps with very few tone controls, something that I prefer in preamplifiers.
Do not know much about C27, but if you can try finding a C29 instead you will not regret.
Also, if you are in communication with Audio Classics get their opinion of C29, I check their website often, have not seen too many C29's.
I too have a C15 Pre, and heartily recommend it. It's more basic than most of their preamps, but has just what I need, plus has remote control. I had one of their newer pre's, the C48, but went back to the C15. These can be had for around $1000. I've also owned C30,C32, C33, C31V, C37 (another good one) but nothing satisfies like the C15!