Macintosh MC452 or Mark Levinson 532H

Hi..Which Amp and preamp is more suitable to drive the SF Amati Futura. The MC452&C50 or ML532H&ML326S.
I use a Levinson 432 with my Cremona and very much like the combination. However, when paired with the 326, there is just too much of the laid back sound. It just gets dull. I have a Cary SLP-05 pre and it really perks up the sound. The Amati Future are a different beast than the old style Cremona, but Levinson should still be a good match. I would just be careful adding in the 326. A used 432 may be a good option also, although all of these are shooting a little low for the Amati Futura, in my opinion. The Futura is a $36K speaker. If you are looking at Levinson, how about the 532 rather than the 532H. I know, a lot more money, but something to think about.

The Classe SP80 is a very nice unit, although I have not had a chance to try it in my system. Highly recommend the SLP-05. I got it to replace a Classe CP65 pre and is was significantly better is pretty much every regard.
I use a 326s with a pair of Parasound JC1's and it's a fantastic combination. Be sure to give them a listen if you consider straying from a full Levinson rig.

In response to DTC, I found that the 532 is quite a bit different from the 432. I agree with him however that the 432/326 combo may be a bit too laid back. I found the 532 to be significantly more "alive" than the 432, and the 532/326s combination to be excellent and not overly refined.

It's not in your face the way some components can be in order to achieve maximum detail.. however the detail is still all there, just not in your face.

With that said, I still prefer the JC1/326s combination.
HK_Fan - thanks for the updates. Are you referring to the 532H or the 532? I have not heard either in my setup.