Macintosh MC452 or Mark Levinson 532H

Hi..Which Amp and preamp is more suitable to drive the SF Amati Futura. The MC452&C50 or ML532H&ML326S.
The 432 is somewhat laid back, so with a more forward 532H, the 326 might work well. I still like the idea of a tube preamp. The Cary opened up my system tremendously and for less money than the 326.
I've also owned the Cary SLP-05 and agree that it is an outstanding preamp. I did miss the bottom end grunt of solid state however, and the lack of remote functions was also a major issue for me.

I would happily recommend the SLP-05 to anyone, but I still prefer my 326s for my taste/needs.

I owned the McIntosh amps and the 532H along with the 326S, and the ML gear together is one of the finest sounding systems I've owned. The 532H is more modern plain looking but it is how it sounds that matters and no way is it clinical, it sounds like my old ML2's but on steroids with dynamics that my 333 could only think about and dynamics will make any amp or speakers sound more upfront and in the room sound. A darker relaxed sound is neven sound dynamic but it will sound enjoyable, which is why Quad speakers sound so good, they never offend, they can't that not in their design.