Macintosh pre amps

I'm not used to connections other than AV/Receivers, but looking at McIntosh pre-amps, both Tube and SS, I can't see or figure out connections for subwoofers?? What am I missing? I looked at the C49 manual, there's not mention about subwoofer connections. 

My question? Can you connect to McIntosh pre-amps subwoofers directly?


I can't believe that at that price levels there's no sub connections. 



It might not have internal bass management,but you can simply use the pre out connections.  

I checked the back panel pictures for the SS ones and I see balance and Unbalanced inputs and outputs, but not Pre outs, unless is me that can't understand McIntosh labeling of connections.

The "output" are the sub connection also. You can use both A, B and the RCA center is fixed. You cannot use both XLR and RCA outputs. The signal will drop off the RCA side vs XLR when the demand is low. That has been my experience with Mcintosh on more than one occasion.

The outputs go to your power amps, or can pass-through an AV if it have the option. Either way, through the AV or the Stereo unit.. 

All of the inputs are adjustable to maintain a "SAME" volume, switching from one source, to the next..

A very nice unit all in all. I've been using a C70 with select Telefunken tubes. I let the unit break in on stock tubes then switched.. It is a REAL keeper with the new tubes. 

There is "different" than Mcintosh, to many that = better. I just picked a brand and went with it. 

OK. Thanks guys, I think I got it now. I'm so used to receivers that always have a sub1 and/or sub 2 connection labeling that I didn't think that an output labeled connector can be used for subwoofers.