Mackie HR824


Thinking of upgrading. Any input on the Mackies would be very much appreciated. For bedroom 11 x 15 x 9.
I would suggest Dynaudio BM6A's.They don't go as low as the Mackies but they are also tighter in the bass and the treble is one of the best. They use the same tweeter as Dynaudios mega-buck studio systems.
Take a pair home overnight. These are great speakers!
Guitar Center let me take a pair home overnight. I paid for the speakers up front first, and then got my money back then next day when I brought them back!
I took them home and really llked them. I could enjoy them as my main speakers. They weren't quite good enough, as I expected perfection from them (high expectation, huh). They were really good, though. I could definitely understand someone buying these--no amp needed!! Sweet! IMO, Lacking in dynamic slam, and had a noticeably colored low end in my room. I could forgive the dynamice, but not the bass coloration. Otherwise fantastic!

I owned these for 6-9 months and was very happy with them,
very accurate, used good interconnects (RS cables) and a good pre amp IRD Purist and the sound was fantastic. One other side note....very good wide dispersion that results in a nice wide sweet spot, which is important to me. I get frustrated with narrow listening spot. Now using Carolina audio JTM being fed with panny xr-50.....nice combo....thinking about trying decware r 1.5.......
824's will play loud, the only drawback to me is the rather industrial looks.... Cheers