Made in USA

I love to support USA products as much as I can. Even if it costs more. Id say 2nd choice Europe or Japan. Last place China.

So USA made HiFi products I have are... Magnepan, Odyssey, Geshelli, Rythmik, Schitt, Bluejean, Belden, Analog Productions( vinyl). Musichall & Monitor Audio (UK), Nagaoka, Magomi(Japan), 

Other USA made HiFi I know of.. Kilpsch (high end speakers), Jeff Rowland, P.S. Audio, Emotiva?

Im sure there are more. Please continue list and lets support our own.


@panzrwagn … “All my equipment is made on Earth, by humans. Beyond that it gets very complicated, and kinda pointless.”


Yes… one world… what will it take?



Since we are talking about the importance of where our precious audio equipment is from in the world, I find this a good time to remember how lucky we are to be concerned over such mondane things while a cataclismic size hearthquake on the Turkey Syria border has already claimed over 6,300 lives.  Absolutely horrendous time over there, and Ukraine too. My gosh, what a dark time for that part of the world. 

Rogue audio preamp and amp

Fritz speakers

small green computer streamer and server

audio envy and morrow cables



CD Transport-England

Streamer-not sure, probably China



For me:

Apogee Acoustics - U.S

SoundCare - Norway


Audiolab - UK

MHDT Labs - Taiwan

BlueSound - U.S

Symo - Swiss

Silnote Audio - U.S 

Wireworld - U.S