Made in USA

I love to support USA products as much as I can. Even if it costs more. Id say 2nd choice Europe or Japan. Last place China.

So USA made HiFi products I have are... Magnepan, Odyssey, Geshelli, Rythmik, Schitt, Bluejean, Belden, Analog Productions( vinyl). Musichall & Monitor Audio (UK), Nagaoka, Magomi(Japan), 

Other USA made HiFi I know of.. Kilpsch (high end speakers), Jeff Rowland, P.S. Audio, Emotiva?

Im sure there are more. Please continue list and lets support our own.



Ask how people in Nepal feel. Hong Kong. How do people in Taiwan feel when under threat. We have nothing like the Uyghurs in the last 100 years of history. How about the forced displacement of Uyghurs with a planned influx of Han. How about their claims to virtually everything in the South China sea .. ask how Philippines, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia feel about that.


"My company manufacturers tube audio components in the USA.  My partner is Chinese so I guess our products are made in the USA by a Chinese man!"

Is your partner an American citizen?  If so, it's made in the USA by an American.

I will try to tread as lightly as I can I truly feel empathy for citizens of all countries with less than stellar governments. China becomes a de facto partner with any foreign company manufacturing anything inside of it's borders. This applies to all trade secrets, labor practices, management, and patents are shared with the Chinese government. Companies move manufacturing there to take advantage of their weaker labor and environmental laws but nobody outside of China really knows what they are doing with all of the information they are gathering on foreign companies. As fractured our own government seems to be at the moment there is one thing both sides of the aisle can agree on, stop China from stealing and spying. Do you know how China became a major nuclear power, espionage, they stole plans for our W-88 from a nuclear weapons laboratory... Again this has nothing to do with average Chinese citizens at least the one's who are embarrassed by the dog meat trade that still exists there.