Made in USA

I love to support USA products as much as I can. Even if it costs more. Id say 2nd choice Europe or Japan. Last place China.

So USA made HiFi products I have are... Magnepan, Odyssey, Geshelli, Rythmik, Schitt, Bluejean, Belden, Analog Productions( vinyl). Musichall & Monitor Audio (UK), Nagaoka, Magomi(Japan), 

Other USA made HiFi I know of.. Kilpsch (high end speakers), Jeff Rowland, P.S. Audio, Emotiva?

Im sure there are more. Please continue list and lets support our own.


If it's not already been said; I'd say your mostly right on the made in America as far as final assembly in some if not most all cases. Products can claim made in America even if only the final assembly and/or testing is done here. The only way to really tell is to look at the board level assemblies which will sometimes display country of origin, but even then some do not, even it they have be produced outside the US. "Counterfeit" parts abound across all platforms of industry, especially in discrete components like capacitors, diodes and chips, for example, and even in hardware such as screws and fastening components. "American Made" does not always mean "all" American made.

My system is:

Conrad Johnson Power, Pre, Phono Pre, and CD player 

Sota Turntable

Vandersteen Speakers

All made in USA, all sounding great!



All USA built, whether the parts are all USA is another question.

Rogue Audio Preamp and amp USA

VPI turntable with VAS cartridge both built in New Jersey USA

Sutherland Phono preamp USA

Spatial Audio Lab speakers USA

Schiit dac USA

Morrow Audio Cables USA

It relates to the concept of thinking 'we' are good/better/best, and 'they' are not, so don't buy their stuff! Time, past, different times/eras of development ought to be considered/remembered. Which is why I mentioned 'People's History'. 

To criticize Zinn is changing the narrative. 

History is written by the Victors. His People's History simply illuminates examples of what the Victors have done along the way to become and stay Victors. I could care less what his agenda is, he collected information I am glad I became aware of.

He Lies!!!

Uncle Tom's Cabin (how many have actually read it?) combined with the timing of the Fugutive Slave Act was far more important than I ever understood. Of course the Southerners said she lied, made things up, we don't do those things ....After a few years she issued a separate book with complete documentation of everything in her book. If you ever wondered how religion could support slavery, reading that book gives you those answers.


I am very thankful that I found and read it. 

I am glad I was born here, have evolved into ’Democratic Socialist’ (how perfectly frightening to so many).

I believe in being truthful and remembering our past, the long term effects to others from our actions, and it’s ever current repercussions.

i.e. 'Black Lives Matter' How in God's name does this need to be said?

Sadly most people do not read at all. This is the single book I recommend to people who don’t read (any or a lot) but want to understand how in the hell can we remain so damn racist.