Made the Move and Not looking back!

I have streamed music thru Roon and Qobuz for about 4 years now.

My Innuos Zen 3 -Paid $2.2 new through a dealer-has been a great

product. Very responsive company. I watched them develop what is known as

Innuos Sense. A version of the Roon Product. 

Last week I said goodbye to my monthly Roon Payment and hello to Innuos.


After making CSV lists of the playlists I wanted to save, I pushed delete on

the Roony Tunes folks. Roon is probably fine for techies but the "No Support"

system they offer was frustrating for me. Waiting days to get help with no service.

Of course you are still paying for it.

Innuos Sense may only be available to those using their product.

Just a heads up.

OBTW- Many streamer makers claim Roon degrades the sound. Most 

end up caving to Roon just to survive. Linn cut a special deal with Roon

to avoid the quality compromise. Hats off to them.


I think Roon is awesome. It sounds great, does it all and runs on most anything. It’s a music lover’s dream. Not the only player in the game but a superstar nonetheless. I did the trial and bought the lifetime license. One of the best $800 or so a music lover  can shell out.

Yea, tried the other music streamers/databases and then decided on Roon. One of the main reasons I didn't go for an Auralic streamer. I've simply found it to be by far the best way of cataloging my music discovering information behind the albums and the bands.

@carlsbad2, pretty sure he meant Roon charges for you while they take days or more to help with service outages.  He’s lamenting there is no credit for the time the service is not providing what he is paying for.  Pretty reasonable position, it seems.  Jeffseight’s position I mean.

I use Innuos’s Sense to control qobuz and love it.  It’s a version of Roon like Pepsi is s version of Coke.  Not affiliated in any way.  And Sense is free but only available to Innuos owners.

On my system, Sense sounds better than Roon.  Other Innuos users I know concur.  

I use JPLAY with my LUMIN streamer, streaming from a Solid State NAS running Minimstreamer that does the FLAC to WAV conversion in the NAS, taking away that task from the LUMIN. Minimstreamer also upsamples. It sounds great.

Be aware that the Innuos switch is a100Mb/s device only.

Thanks @rc22.  that answers all my questions.  I'll try it one of these days before it is time to renew Roon.