Made the Move and Not looking back!

I have streamed music thru Roon and Qobuz for about 4 years now.

My Innuos Zen 3 -Paid $2.2 new through a dealer-has been a great

product. Very responsive company. I watched them develop what is known as

Innuos Sense. A version of the Roon Product. 

Last week I said goodbye to my monthly Roon Payment and hello to Innuos.


After making CSV lists of the playlists I wanted to save, I pushed delete on

the Roony Tunes folks. Roon is probably fine for techies but the "No Support"

system they offer was frustrating for me. Waiting days to get help with no service.

Of course you are still paying for it.

Innuos Sense may only be available to those using their product.

Just a heads up.

OBTW- Many streamer makers claim Roon degrades the sound. Most 

end up caving to Roon just to survive. Linn cut a special deal with Roon

to avoid the quality compromise. Hats off to them.



Auralic’s Lightning DS sounded significantly better than Roon and it was easily discernible. 

Wait until you get the chance to hear an Aurender running its OS, or the Grimm MU1 running Roon...unfortunately there are many levels of "excellent".


The makers who want to sell their products have to go with Roon.

The Aurenders and Lejonklous of the world are fighting for the

highest SQ. I loved Roon's Music finding ability but I think Qobuz

can about the same.

I am not sure why the folks who are complaining about Roon support are needing Roon support. Are you folks using Innuos products? Are your devices Roon Ready? The only time I ever needed Roon support was when I ran my Roon Core on an Innuos Zenith MK3. But the Innuos was not Roon Ready, at least it wasn’t back then. After I got away from Innuos and built a miniPC/Intel NUC to run Roon Core I had zero issues. My Innuos gear was underpowered to run Roon and it crashed all the time. For you folks needing support for Roon, as an experiment, but an Intel NUC, some dual rank RAM (I suggest 32GB) and a 250-256 GB M.2 SSD from Amazon. Put it together and load Roon ROCK and run your Roon core there. Compare the performance to what you had been using. If you don’t want to stay with the NUC, then just dismantle the NUC and return all the parts to Amazon. When I did this experiment the NUC blew away my Zenith Mk3 which I then sold. 
Once your get your Roon core on a proper Roon Ready device or a NUC, Roon is maintenance free. IMO. Just run the occasional updates. 

Roon has spawned imitators.  Such is the way of life for innovators.  I have found that even the Room-like features provided by the streaming services themselves such as Apple Music scratch the itch for the service that Room provides.  ymmv