Made the Move and Not looking back!

I have streamed music thru Roon and Qobuz for about 4 years now.

My Innuos Zen 3 -Paid $2.2 new through a dealer-has been a great

product. Very responsive company. I watched them develop what is known as

Innuos Sense. A version of the Roon Product. 

Last week I said goodbye to my monthly Roon Payment and hello to Innuos.


After making CSV lists of the playlists I wanted to save, I pushed delete on

the Roony Tunes folks. Roon is probably fine for techies but the "No Support"

system they offer was frustrating for me. Waiting days to get help with no service.

Of course you are still paying for it.

Innuos Sense may only be available to those using their product.

Just a heads up.

OBTW- Many streamer makers claim Roon degrades the sound. Most 

end up caving to Roon just to survive. Linn cut a special deal with Roon

to avoid the quality compromise. Hats off to them.


Roon has spawned imitators.  Such is the way of life for innovators.  I have found that even the Room-like features provided by the streaming services themselves such as Apple Music scratch the itch for the service that Room provides.  ymmv

While you all are typing I’m listening to my Aurender with the Conductor app. Happy listening!

My perspective is that Roon’s strong point is information about the music you are listening to...

The other strong point is using various endpoints with multiple systems. (Sonore, Bryston, BS, Moon even the old and lowly Sonos ZP 90s can be used)


Its even cooler that the app on my iMac acts as and endpoint and can digitally output to the USB headphone output or my USB connected Schiit DAC for desktop speaker audio. Even the ipad can do it for remote headphone listening anywhere in the house.


I agree with others that once you get it dialed in you really don’t need that much support. Since I moved my core to an SGC i5 its been rock solid and sound close enough to my Bryston BDP pi to be good enough. Super easy to switch to the BDP for critical listening.


Also understand the frustrated people. If you dont have all the piece parts dialed in the SQ will not compare to a quality high end stand alone unit.


I upgraded to the Auralic from an Aurender N100H. The Auralic was significantly better. However, while I’ve  heard the more recent Aurender units - I haven’t had them in my system so I can’t comment on whether (or perhaps how much) better they may be. I’ve an open mind on such things.  I’m certain my Auralic unit can be bettered. Regardless, Roon was the bottleneck. And, I can imagine it would be the same for Aurender should they decide they need to offer Roon compatibility and as an alternative to their native conductor music management system.

I’ve also given a serious audition to the Grimm. I’ve considered it as it’s very nice, but it’s not a significant step up from what I have.