Madrigal CZ Gel interconnects

Does anybody know if these cables are still being manufactured? I know that Madrigal the company was bought out by Harman Specialty Group but I was wondering all the same. Thanks!
Madrigal, Now HSG, got out of the cable business quite a
while ago. You may want to try to contact some of the
Levinson dealers, they may still have inventory.

As a side note, Harman International owned both companies
and had them merge together. HSG didn't not buy them...
They are often available here on Agon. Search "CZ" They are great cables, especially with '90s Levinson gear. They need a little space to connect because they're moderately stiff (but not too bad!)
Are there any better cables in the same price range? These are very hard to find. One meter XLR's go for around $200 - 250.
Actually, Madrigal bought Levinson (late '80s) and later Harmon bought Madrigal (in the late '90s, I think)

Robert, the CZs are extremely articulate (some might say bright -- I wouldn't). They compare with cables like Straightwire Virtuoso (a little better), Magnan Silver Bronze (about the same) and Purist Venustas (not quite as good). Very sytem dependent. I think they'd be excellent if you needed a long run for some reason. I only tried them in 1 to 2.5 meter. Also, they didn't make a lot of product in single ended, so you'll mainly see XLR. Also, I've never figured out what the difference is, but there is a CZ Gel II.