Maggie 1.6 - Best Amp? Thinking about tubes.

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I am now running an Odyssey Stratos Extreme amp that has totally awoken my 1.6 QR's. Unbelievable! See my system. I believe that a tube preamp contributes greatly to the overall sound. It doesn't hurt having a Cary 308T as a source either! Life is good!

Solid state for tube lovers? Perhaps a Pass Labs single ended amp or a Sunfire amp(those have two sets of outputs; one of them has a tubey flavor to it), these are worth checking out, if you don't want to a pair of room heaters. Sounds like the consensus is that a smaller tube amp won't get the job done.

The combination of the Maggie 1.6es and the Music Reference RM-200 is mightilty synergistic. A high-power tube-solid state design, the 200 offers the clear, vibrant portrayal of voices and instruments typical of tubes, combined with the unrestrained high frequencies and great bass extension often associated with solid-state. This combination sings!
Siliab, I like your suggestion. The RM-200 is a powerful beast. Good value, too.

Thanks to everyone for your responses and time. Looks like I have some more research to do.