Maggie MG12 Tweaks

Just received a pair of the MG12's and initially am very impressed. I have seen threads about tweaks to really get these to sing. Does anyone have experience with tweaking these? I'm a bit hesitant to pulling off the socks and playing with crossovers etc. Input and advise appreciated.
MYE?WhyI know that Sound Anchor always did it for me with piston speakers but the owner Mike Warzalla was hoinest and said that his had no sonic effect over the stock one (and the speaker it holds)built his would allow the reverse of what we donormally.Normally speaker stanmds kick out the bottom and tilt the top of the speaker back.He said he dsigned his to do what planar speakersneed the opposite with the top leaning foward.He is a guy who has made so many of mine and my freinds (and customers while selling speakersmyself like B&W's where even the floorstanding speakers most often had dramatic improvement) I would trust him if he said George Bush knew what he was doing.So what are the MYE stands and why are they the choiceZ?
Thanks for info
You should go here

for all things planar.


Your spelling, grammar, and punctuation are worse than anything even George could come up with.

And BTW, I for one believe he DOES know what he's doing....

Thanks Ozzy, I have searched the site at some length. I must admit Chazzbo had me scratching my head a bit. MYE stands are made in Canada and by most accounts essential for getting the best performance out of the maggies. They raise them off the floor and provide better stability.For the price of decent cable(another story) I'll give 'em a try.
Ozzy, I was about to say something but I'm glad you did.

Beernut, I also have the MG12 with custom stands. You might consider upgrading the crossover. I'm planning on doing that but it seems like a hassle. If you're interested, we can work on it together.