Maggies and subwoofer integration

I'm running a Schiit Saga+ into a B@K EX 422 Sonata, into MG-1 maggies. Wanted to add a subwoofer, and was wondering if by just using the second output on the Saga+ to the line level input of the Velodyne Sub I have, would just be adding bass heft to the MG-1's, as there's no built in crossover in the Saga+?

I would optimally want the Sub to takeover from around 60HZ, and aleviate the bass duties of the maggies.

Would it be a waste of time and no real benefit? Would running the signal from the B@K directly to the subwoofer be any different regarding the delineation of the frequency duties?

Thanks in advance for your help. 


Make sure your sub is fast enough for the Maggies. I use a KEF KC62 sub with my LRS+. I have the crossover at 50 Hz. 

The only issue I have ever seen with "speed" is not "speed" but bad room integration.  Unfortunately we get fooled into thinking the specs tell us anything about how the system is performing in room, and it's a hot mess when actually installed.

Measurements, bass traps and EQ on the subs are the tools you need. I can make any 15" sub with decent output sound fast enough.

Thanks for your replies, but I'm still curious about the benefit of adding a sub if it's just augmenting the full range, and not taking over bass duties entirely off the maggies.