Maggies and subwoofer integration

I'm running a Schiit Saga+ into a B@K EX 422 Sonata, into MG-1 maggies. Wanted to add a subwoofer, and was wondering if by just using the second output on the Saga+ to the line level input of the Velodyne Sub I have, would just be adding bass heft to the MG-1's, as there's no built in crossover in the Saga+?

I would optimally want the Sub to takeover from around 60HZ, and aleviate the bass duties of the maggies.

Would it be a waste of time and no real benefit? Would running the signal from the B@K directly to the subwoofer be any different regarding the delineation of the frequency duties?

Thanks in advance for your help. 


My understanding is that the more distributed bass sources you have, the smoother the in-room bass.

To a first approximation, a dipole can be thought of as two monopolar bass sources 180 degrees apart in phase, and separated by a path length. Thus, to a first approximation, two dipoles are comparable to having four monopolar sources, distributed in phase as well as spatially.

Therefore, imo, a single monopolar bass source - a single subwoofer - is unlikely to be as smooth in-room as two dipoles. I think the discontinuity is likely to be audible.

Imo you need more than one subwoofer in order to approximate the in-room bass smoothness of two dipoles. Two subs intelligently distributed are approximately twice as smooth in-room as one, and four subs intelligently distributed are roughly twice as smooth in-room as two. Imo they do not have to all be identical.


dealer/manufacturer and distributed multi-sub advocate

Never but never use a sub with magnepan i have all mine live magnepan the mg20 the 3.7 the lrs and now the 1.7i. magnepan have the most natural instrumental low you can imagine. The most people wants a pump low and thats full the complete room thats the most wrong low you can get. There is a video at youtube from wendell he explains exact what bass must shoot be. The amp is the most important equipment with magnepan there it go's wrong in the most times.

What's the worst speaker or stereo set-up you've ever seen? Intergrate a subwoofer with maggies ;)

I’ll counter that 90% of the time I’ve heard subwoofers they were not well integrated, so of course I’m not surprised that adding a subwoofer to a maggie by most sounds bad.

The issue IMHO is the TCO (total cost of ownership) of a sub is a lot higher than expected. Placement, measurement and EQ as well as acoustic treatments are often all needed to get to done. Most consumers want to drop the subwoofer in a convenient place and set the volume and call it a day.

I will say though, that subwoofers are often the last step on a list, not the first, that audiophiles should consider. Make sure your room is as well treated as you can stand. Often this tilts the balance towards the bass and makes a lot of speakers sound much larger. THEN if you still want a sub go get one. You’ll be in a much better place. Be prepared to get bass traps in the corners or soffits, and have a flexible EQ solution for the sub, whether built in or by using a miniDSP.

I can’t repeat enough that good room treatment will make most speakers sound much larger and more dynamic.