Maggies and subwoofer integration

I'm running a Schiit Saga+ into a B@K EX 422 Sonata, into MG-1 maggies. Wanted to add a subwoofer, and was wondering if by just using the second output on the Saga+ to the line level input of the Velodyne Sub I have, would just be adding bass heft to the MG-1's, as there's no built in crossover in the Saga+?

I would optimally want the Sub to takeover from around 60HZ, and aleviate the bass duties of the maggies.

Would it be a waste of time and no real benefit? Would running the signal from the B@K directly to the subwoofer be any different regarding the delineation of the frequency duties?

Thanks in advance for your help. 


I have a pair of LRS and use the big HSU VTK-15h MK2 and it works very well for me. I recommend, and am able to cross over my LRS at 80hz.  I use a Oppo 205 source and am able to set the crossover point.  People  say that Magnepans  don’t need a sub but I disagree. At least regarding the LRS anyway. In my room the LRS have about as much bass as two transistor radios.  With good tuning and setup they sound awesome.  I recommend a sealed sub not ported. My HSU has both options but I always run it sealed with both ports closed.  The trick is less is more. If you run to sub set to high it draws attention to itself but if tuned properly it disappears. I suppose everyone’s rooms and systems are all different but for me it works great.  I noticed that with the LRS if run full range and playing anything moderately loud with heavy bass the panels will distort, the 80hz high pass is the cure for that.

@arnold_h the LRS would fall under the small panel category as needing a sub, no disagreement there. 

Just noticed the question my subs they are self powered 12"Sony that go down to 20 Hz that I picked up on CL for $30 each. They integrate well with my 3.7i. I run them off the RCA taps on a Pass pre with the XLR going to the amp. The key is setting the sub volume low to avoid boom and overhang.