Magic returns in seldom used bookshelves?

Has anyone else pulled out a pair of less expensive ( in this case a pair of Ascend Sierra 2 non ex) speakers and really consider returning them to the "main" system.  I currently have a pair of really really nice Salk Song 3 BeAts ( mine are the ones on Jim's site in Fireburst Carpathian Elm Burl...gorgeous they are) and while I really really like them they have rarely if ever given me that "chills big huge smile" on several songs like the little Sierra's do? Everything else in system has remained consistent, but man on man, am I crazy to be considering selling my Salks and upgrading my little Sierra's to the new ex version for a nominal cost?
I like the plan. Report back when you get the upgraded Sierras in the system.
I have noticed over the years that the same set of speakers can sound very different depending on the room that they’re in. I’ve moved into a new house before and the speaker that worked so great at the previous location now leaves me less desiring to listen and vice versa with a speaker I wasn’t that crazy about now sounds great. 
I say if you don’t plan on changing rooms or houses then maybe consider selling the Salks but if things do change and you move you’ll never know if they would be ideal in the new location. Salk Songtowers were my first real “audiophile “ set of speakers and wish I had never sold them, just for nostalgia sake. They were wonderful.

Hi menosavy,

It has been a little over a year now.  Any update on this?  I own a pair of the Ascend Sierra 2EX, and they are currently in a box as I bought a pair of ATC SCM11 v2. I am about to swap out with the Ascends to see how they interact with my new amp (Black Ice Fusion F35).

Just curious as to your thoughts.