Magico A1 vs KEF Reference 1 (META) vs KEF LS50 + KEF KC62

I want to get a monitor speaker for a room that is 17'W x 22'L x 24'H and shared with my sons toys. The room actually opens up some more to a living room and a balcony on the second floor. So there is some volume to fill. I also need to use a monitor and not a more appropriate floor stander. I am limited to where I can place a speaker. It MUST be placed on a bookshelf that is 2 inches from the front wall and has the following dimensions.  

17 3/8 "
Height: 20 1/2 "

I am currently using KEF LS50's (passive) on the bookshelf. It works well but I would like more bass and a bigger sound.

I was thinking of the Magico A1 since it is sealed and can be comfortably placed on a bookshelf. Magico even sells 5 degree angled bookshelf stands for the A1. However, the price seems very high for a 2 way speaker. 

The KEF Reference 1 is a speaker I always liked (heard it many times). However, I always heard it away from the front wall. I have been trying to get some info out of KEF on the Meta stuff and also placement of the REFERENCE 1 monitor.  However, no feedback yet. The Reference 1 is rear ported and maybe not too good close to a wall. I would also wait for the META stuff to appear on the Reference 1.

The other option is using my existing KEF LS50's + KEF KC62 subwoofer (placed on bookshelf). Though I am not sure if this combo is strong enough for my space.

I am using a KRELL K-300i integrated for this system. It would work well with the Magico and both KEF's.

So my questions are as follows:

1) Is the Magico A1 strong enough for the space? I assume it is a bit more detailed than both KEF's. I have demoed the A3.
2) Can the KEF Reference 1 be placed very close to the front wall? Would the META help in placement close to a wall?
3) Is the  KEF LS50's + KEF KC62 subwoofer combo strong enough for my room?

I guess I could also use the  KEF KC62 subwoofer with the Magico A1 and also the KEF Reference 1.

BTW -  I am seriously thinking of getting the Yamaha NS5000 that is classified as a bookshelf speaker. I have recently learned that it can be placed close to a front wall without catastrophic results. My only issue is that it is a relatively large speaker compared to other monitors and I am tight on space. This one should really be placed on the stands that Yamaha provides for it. This would make the space tighter than I would like. I think the other 3 speakers are actually more appropriate given my space restrictions.

I am looking for answers to my 3 questions and some opinions on my 3 choices.

Since the last postings here Kef has announced the Reference 1 Meta speaker. I hope when someone gets a chance to listen to a set they would post their opinions here

The KEF LS50 and KC62 are a real good pairing. I was going to upgrade to the REF 1 but decided against it after the LS50 and KC62 pairing. It is Blades or bust now.

It is few years later and I noticed that I had created this thread.

I ended up buying KEF LS50 Meta and the KEF KC62 sub and used then in my 12 x 11 x 9 room. This was an amazing sounding setup. However, the sub broke down 2x and I sold it last week. The buyer is getting it direct from KEF repair shop.

The LS50 Meta is great but needs a sub and I no longer want or can easily integrate a sub. My new amp for my office, a modded Peachtree GAN1 makes sub integration hard, especially when I only have the streamer of my Lumin X1 connected to it. This is a great sounding pairing; I just need a monitor speaker with more bass output.

I am wondering how the Magico A1’s compare to the Kef Reference 1 Meta? I am buying a KEF Blade 2 Meta for my Livingroom later this year so the Magico A1 is attractive for the office for some variety. Though I imagine the Reference 1 Meta would be even better than the LS50 Meta and KC62 sub.