Magico A3

I auditioned a pair of Magico A3's this week to replace my long-term, beloved speakers (Von Schweikert VR5 HSE) that are just too big for the apartment I moved into, and are sounding (but not looking) a bit dated (ca. 2001). I am emotionally attached to my speakers and changing is like divorcing and re-marrying -- they may look and sound good and seem compatible, but one doesn't know until one has lived with them for some time whether the relationship will last.

In brief: If someone would have told me the A3's were $15K - $20K I would not have been surprised. First, they are much more handsome in the flesh (or in the aluminum, to be literal) than in photos. They have a clean, bold, post-industrial look. They also are Goldilocks-size: not too big, not too small for a 22x12x8 living room. And the sound, especially the vocals, is eerily natural and realistic. The bass is astonishingly deep and tight, the highs crisp but not sizzling and the mid stellar. They just sounded fresh and clean without being antiseptic. And, they can rock with the best (check out Maybe the People on Love's legendary album Forever Changes) but be delicate when the music is (e.g., Wilco's Jesus etc., or Natalie Prass's Bird of Prey). So, I ordered a pair on the spot. Delivery will not be until August as the early production run apparently has sold out.

I predict this speaker will go down as one of the greatest values in audio history, and I cannot imagine the price remaining at $9,800/pr for long, especially when the formal reviews come out. BUT, we will see how we get along when I bring them home and we have lived together for some time. That will be the true test of whether it is love, or just respect and admiration.

You won't be disappointed. Ive had them for almost two years and they are wonderful.
I bought a pair from the first manufacturing run. Have not looked back since. If you want to improve their sound even further, try the LessLoss Firewall for Loudspeakers. This is no "snake oil;" immediately audible increase in realism, transparency and tautness of bass. Well worth the investment. Neal
Since my earlier post I have purchased the A3s.  Quality wise they are a solid choice.  Decent highs, excellent mids.  Tight bass.  My only complaint is that while the bass quality is there - the bass quantity is a little lacking.  Partly ameliorated by having a strong amplifier.  Actually many people are happy to run with standmounts, and the A3s are a league above any standmount.  

The distinguishing feature is that they are not ported.  Having only ever owned ported speakers these come as a breath of fresh air.