Magico A3 replacement

I am currently using a pair of Magico A3 speakers with my Constellation amp and pre. A very nice combination. Upgrading speakers, where do I turn that isn't a step backwards? I cannot listen to speakers in any audio shop. "Country living".

My room is 13' x 16'. My listening is mainly streaming but do enjoy albums.

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Given the cost of the speakers you are looking at. I would suggest a trip. Spend a weekend with your wife in a city where you can audition some higher level Magico and some competitors. Make appointments in advance… have them set up a system with similar sounding electronics.

In the evening go out to dinner, maybe the symphony… make it fun for both of you.

At this level making “blind” decisions seems totally avoidable. 

I have A3s as well, with Accuphase E800 integrated. Currently I'm leaning towards Stenheim for my next upgrade. Although Magico is not out of the picture either, most likely it would be S series.

Visit Seattle and hear next step in line w Constellation powering it at Audio Ultra or at least call Ed the proprietor…. awesome dude - fixed Fremer electrical nightmare… 

we would recommend looking at kef blade 2 metas

kharma db9



Dave and Troy

Audio intellect nj

kef and rahido dealer's