Magico A3 replacement

I am currently using a pair of Magico A3 speakers with my Constellation amp and pre. A very nice combination. Upgrading speakers, where do I turn that isn't a step backwards? I cannot listen to speakers in any audio shop. "Country living".

My room is 13' x 16'. My listening is mainly streaming but do enjoy albums.


I never recommend anything I haven’t heard. So I can only proffer TAS' recommendation for the "finest reference speaker," the PS Audio FR30.

I upgraded from the A3's to the A5's almost three years ago and have been enjoying them tremendously. The A5 is a great speaker that plays above its class.

I run them with Mac tube pre and power and have added two B&W DB3D's. I am a solid Phil zone guy and the subs come with their own power. That is my rationalization and I am sticking to it.

I netted $9k for the A3's and added another $12k for the upgrade. Not cheap, but they got me off the speaker merry go round and in a place where I carve out time to spin vinyl.

there’s a pair of Manger P2 passives available on Audiogon right now, 

hugely popular in Europe, few US dealers, but a fabulous product

multiple international reviews available and not one has included anything negative 

full disclosure - I own the P1’s and after 50+ years at this audio game, I’m done (dozens of high end speakers have come and gone) - for your listening space the P2’s would be ideal, in pretty much all regards, highly recommended 

Legacy Speakers.  i have the Signature SE. no sub needed for me. if i had more house i would not hesitate to get the Focus. ..-.-.-. Pass 250.8,   Pass XP-12.