Magico A3, suggested integrated amp.

Kicking some ideas around recently and the Magico A3 has got me interested. Will also need an integrated amp. (For Budget reasons). A few integrated amp. models that are within my budget are:

Naim Audio SuperNait3 80W
Luxman L 509x              120W
Pass Labs INT.60           60W (heavily biased to Class A for 30W)
Accuphase E650 ClassA 30W
Accuphase E480             180W

Any I should discard right away or any I need to add to my short list ?

Room is 8m x 4m x 2m and I like pop, rock, blues exclusively.
I spoke with Alon Wolf a while back and he told me he really likes Hegel amps and uses them in developing his speakers, so I’d definitely add Hegel to your list if it’s inline with your own tastes. 

ayre and hegel for sure... truly excellent sounding ss amplification

if tubes, consider audio research
it depends on the preference for sound . if you want want punchy then naim, the pass int 60 has a lush relaxed detailed sound, musical. i will say the luxman is between the naim and pass. consider the luxman 590 axII

check out
Being a MAGICO owner i would recommend PASS great sound and great company.If you ever needed service i do not know about Hegel.Good luck whatever you choose you have a great speaker.
I would suggest you look at AVM.  I heard the A3s at NY Audio Show driven by AVM gear in 2018 and it was spectacular.  The Evoluton A5.2 would be an excellent choice.  185w and price point is $5995 without the optional DAC and Phonostage.  

Full disclosure, I am an AVM dealer.  

I would also think Naim, Pass, Accuphas and Luxman would all be good options.  I am not sure I would try and drive those A3s with either 30 or 60w.  Bass response will be mediocre with those power levels.