Magico A3 vs. Wilson SabrinaX

Well, coming down the stretch, I can't find a on this forum comparing these 2 speakers. I listened to the SabrinaX, and found them "flat" somehow, hard to describe. Incredible definition and soundstage, but not much knack/dynamic. So, I'm wondering how they would compare to the Magico A3s that I haven't had a chance to listen to. I would be pairing these with a Pass XA25 which should be sufficient to drive them. Or is my "flat" experience simply unrealistic?
@chrfor : Great comments, thank you! I believe indeed that the Wilson are difficult to match - I’m dropping the idea, though with some regret since they do provide a wonderful soundstage still. I hope to listen to the A5 soon. Als, I’m waiting to hear back from a dealer about the Joseph Audio perpesctive 2 graphene that i had the chance to (too) briefly listen to a couple years ago.I will go back to listen again to the Totem Metal V2 that impressed be quite a bit. I was on the verge of buying the Cornwall IV for in-house demo since I can't find any demo around the DC area, but decided to wait some more. I listened to the Zu Dirty weekend, and found them full of distortion and not easy on the ears... Not sure about their other sets.
I have the old Sabrinas. Re the Q above I drive them spotlessly w Pass xa30.8 and they hardly ever leave class a - only when very loud at ca 100hz where the impedance is low. Hence xa25 should also work… as a ls I like them a lot. 
Given your pricepoint, there are so many interesting options out there.  I would check out:

Vivid Kaya 45
Wilson Benesch Vector
YG Carmel II
Von Schweikert Endeavor

I am running the Vivids and Wilson Benesch Vertexes with a 20w amp in a smaller room.  I am a Vivid and Wilson Benesch.  You ought to be able to hear the Vivids somewhere in the DC area.  The WBs are going to be a challenge.  Big sounding, engaging speakers that are a bit different.  

I have no affiliation with YG and VonSchweikert other than I have heard their speakers and was impressed.  I have to imagine there are dealers for both in DC.  

I have heard both at length. The Magico sound like they have the bass rolled off 
If you do this you hear the mids in greater detail. You can make the Wilson's sound like this based on placement in your room.  The Magicos are not capable of low bass extension.