Magico A3 vs. Wilson SabrinaX

Well, coming down the stretch, I can't find a on this forum comparing these 2 speakers. I listened to the SabrinaX, and found them "flat" somehow, hard to describe. Incredible definition and soundstage, but not much knack/dynamic. So, I'm wondering how they would compare to the Magico A3s that I haven't had a chance to listen to. I would be pairing these with a Pass XA25 which should be sufficient to drive them. Or is my "flat" experience simply unrealistic?

I have the Sabrina X’s powered by the Pass Labs 250.8.  The Pass gives them all of the power that they need and mine sound both detailed and dynamic.  Remember, what any speaker sounds like is also dependent on the rest of the system and cabling, AND room placement/room treatment.  With a bad room, great speakers can sound much less than their potential.  Because of my room size (11x11) I don’t have a lot of choices for speaker placement, but with the proper equipment, the Wilsons are stellar in my system.  They do need some power though.  My PrimaLuna Dialogue Premier HP tube amp could drive them adequately, but the Pass makes them sing.

Lots of information here and lots of conflicting ears.  The A5 is the speaker to audition not the A3.  Wilsons are usually set-up for only one listener but that may not matter to you.  The new Wilsons are now designed to be a more musical speaker as is the A5.  I have heard both at length.  It comes down to preference as both do what they do and have different sonic attributes. 

I think we are paying a lot for the cabinet and finish for these speakers.  I am sure they both sound fine and look good.  No one here can tell you which is better.  You are the only one who makes the decision.  I suggest you take a look at Legacy Audio.  Many people don’t know them or ignore them.

I had the pleasure of hearing the Wilson Sabrina X again yesterday, Driven by a Nagra ss amp, they truly sang. Fairly large room and well treated, which I think is pretty important to get the most out of any set up. I’m not sure how large a room you need, and how much distance apart the speakers will require, but in this room ( about 15x18) they were able to throw a wide and accurate soundstage. Pretty impressive speaker.

I had the chance to spend more than an hour in front of Sasha DAW the other day. Consistency throughout, generous bass but the right amount, speed and accuracy, what a pleasure. Whatever type of music you throw at them, you're in for a treat, at any volume. Price tag is crazy, and there's not much in the used market, too bad!!

Should i save more and go crazy, or look for cheaper but as good of it ever exists?