Magico A5 or Sonus faber SERAFINO TRADITION or Harbeth 40.3 XD

Looking at upgrading my speakers and I have no in home demo options.

I am looking at spending up to 25K.

Magico, Sonus faber, Harbeth are in the running.

I listen to  beatles, Dead, CSNY, Eagles.

I have a Mcintosh MC462, MC22 and a just ordered Berkeley Alpha Dac 3.  

I was leaning toward the Harbeth or SF but just read a great review on the MAgico A5.

Still working on buying a streamer to feed the system.

Looking for some thoughts.


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I do love the SF musicality. 
Buying used certainly is financially advantageous as well as getting a well broken in speaker. And why not go for the top of the line? I live happily with second hand speakers with a few slight cosmetic flaws.

Damn dude, you are going to be hard pressed to get much better than the F228Be without spending a whole more.  Maybe $25k isn't enough.

Good luck! Hope the music never stops!

@mglik I've heard the Cremonese and they are probably the best speaker I've heard. Preferred them over the Magico.  Wish I could afford them.  



Thanks for all the suggestions I will listen to my 3 and anything else they have at the stero shop I am going to. They have mcintosh as well so I should be able to get a setup close to mine.

That’s surely useful. As some have suggested, please update this thread once you managed to listen to all 3 speakers at the shop with the McIntosh as I'm equally interested to know the outcome.