Magico A5, Wilson SabrinaX, or PS Audio FR30?

Powered by a McIntosh MA12000 in a 14’ (width) x 30’ (depth) x 10.5’ (height) room with concrete floors. Listening is 50% jazz, 10% classical, 25% rock/alt, 15% electronic. Sources are a Dr. Feickert Blackbird/Soundsmith Hyperion analog and Innuos Statement digital.  Ideally, I'd like to eliminate the need for dual subwoofers.

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Sabrina X $20k my brother owns them and they are very nice sounded 

the Magico 25k , the Wilson a bit warmer 

it all comes down to taste and your other equipment

Monitor Audio PL500II.

I've got the bottom of that series, the standmount 100II.

It's superb. If you can get to the 500 level you might be blown away...

I would definitely plan a trip to Boulder to listen to the new PS Audio speakers. That’s what is on my calendar for Spring. I don’t know if they are mediocre, good or great but it looks like a lot of good engineering has gone into them and I am curious. Also, it is great to have opinions and I understand bias but I am always amazed at people that have solid opinions about equipment that they have not heard and have no experience with.


The better value at least in terms of materials is likely the PSA FR30 since they will only sell direct, no dealer markups - so through a dealer like the other two the price would increase to 55k and then you are no longer comparing same price points .