Magico and Tube amp

Hello all. Wondering if anyone here is powering the Magico (m2) with a tube amp namely the ARC ref 160 mono. Looking for neutral, natural and musical sound. Thanks. 


I have heard that combination. I liked it better than many other combinations. Magico is so fast and detailed, when fed with the solid state amps / preamps like Luxman and Boulder I found them not to be musical enough for me.

@ghdprentice That’s the issue I’m having having heard the M3 with Constellation and currently using my bothers Luxman 900. Music has is not engaging.  Did the ARC 160 have enough power to handle the bass?

Magico, which are known to be an amp buster speaker ( like so many these days! One has to ask, why are these designs so popular??) works very well with one tube amp that can handle their nasty impedance drop, and that is the CAT tube amps. 

These are the best amps I have heard on Magico's.